How To Plan Your Family Reunion In Victoria

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Have you visited Victoria in the past? If so, you have probably chosen it for the sight of this year's family reunion because you fell in love with the city the first time you were there. If you've never been there before, prepare to be enchanted. From hotels to transportation, here are some ideas that may help you to plan a fun and memorable reunion for your family.

Where To Stay - If you want to be in the middle of the city's action, try to stay in downtown Victoria. There are historic hotels and bed and breakfasts that are in walking distance of museums, restaurants and great shopping areas. Just walking down to the water's edge will be fascinating as you'll get to see street entertainers who are trying to earn some money by showing their talents to those who pass them. However, don't hesitate to get a hotel in the outskirts of town. If you flew into the area, don't worry about not having your own wheels. Just plan on renting a taxi van that will bring you to the downtown area. It will be helpful for you to contact a taxi company even before your arrival so that you can advise the company of how many people will be in your party. If you have anybody who has a wheelchair, that will be important information, too. 

What To Do - Besides the attractions downtown, there is plenty to see around Victoria, too. Don't miss out on seeing the beautiful residential areas. Taxi vans (such as those from Taxi by Richmond Cabs Ltd) will drive you to see houses that will take your breath away. In addition, your taxi driver will probably give you the scoop on places to eat and sights to see that are off the beaten track. The taxi drivers have a great deal of experience driving out-of-town guests who want to know about how the local people live. Don't be surprised to hear about local politics from those taxi drivers, too. One of the most important places you can visit is Butchart Gardens. You'll see flowers from all over the world in landscaping that will probably inspire you to beautify your own homes when you go back home. Your taxi driver can drop you off at the Gardens and then will return for you at the appointed time.

Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and to bring a sweater or a jacket for cool mornings and evenings.