Surprise Your Loved One With A Romantic Summer Day Trip To Whistler

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Looking for a way to surprise your loved one with a romantic day that they'll never forget? Here's a fun-filled day trip to Whistler that's sure to do the trick:

Rent a Limo

To make the day safe, comfortable, and special for you and your loved one, rent a Whistler limo service to travel in throughout the day. In a limo, neither of you will be distracted by driving and you can spend all your time focusing on each other. Pack a travel bag for the limo that will increase engagement, enjoyment, and comfort such as a blanket, a bottle of champagne, and a card game designed just for couples. After you've planned the day's activities, you can provide the limousine company with your itinerary so they know exactly where to take you as needed without having to spend lots of time communicating with the driver or waiting on your ride to show up when it's time to move on to another venue.

Visit a Relaxing Spa

Set the mood for your romantic day by taking a limo ride to a unique spa and enjoying a morning of being pampered together. Consider visiting a luxurious outdoor establishment that offers Scandinavian baths, relaxing massages, and cozy steam rooms to reenergize in. Engage in floatation therapy to ease anxiety, relax your minds, and ease tension in the muscles so you're both ready for a fun and active day.

Picnic Near a Waterfall

What's more romantic than enjoying a meal near a waterfall with the person you love most? Luckily, there are quite a few impressive waterfalls in the Whistler area that make for a great picnic backdrop. Spend some time picnicking in a park, then rent mountain bikes to traverse the land and get a close-up look at one of the many waterfalls in the area. You can also visit a park that offers horseback riding opportunities near the waterfalls.

End the Day with Wine and Painting

Before relaxing in a limo ride back to your hotel room or home at the end of the day, test each other's creativity by participating in a painting and wine drinking event. Most events include an initial glass of wine and you can take your masterpieces home with you – additional wine is typically available in case you both feel like partying a bit. 

This romantic day-getaway is sure to impress your loved on and give them something special to remember for a lifetime.