Three Tips For Renting An Airport Limo For A Group Of Event Guests

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When you have a group of people coming to town for an event (e.g. wedding, reunion), having a limo waiting to pick them up will make a good impression and ensure your guests make it to your home or their hotel rooms without too much trouble. However, managing a group of people coming from disparate locations can be challenging. Here are three tips for making the process as simple as possible.

Encourage Everyone to Arrive on the Same Day

Limos typically charge by the hour, though you can get packages where you pay one price for an entire day of service. Regardless of which option you choose, a good way to keep the cost low is to have all of your guests arrive on the same day and, preferably, around the same time. This way, you can rent the limo for the shortest amount of time and avoid wasting money.

For instance, you can encourage your guests to schedule their flights so they all get in around 4pm to 7pm. You can then rent a car or van that accommodates the number of people arriving during that time. Even if the driver has to return to the airport to pick up more people several times, you will still pay one price for the service.

However, with airlines being what they are, getting people to fly in around the same time may be too difficult. As long as you can get your guests to at least arrive on the same day, you can save money by getting an all-day rental package and having the driver pick people up as they arrive. Be sure to either provide the driver with the times people are expected to arrive or get his or her phone number to call and notify him or her of arrivals so the driver knows when to be at the airport.

Arrange a Specific Place for Pickup

Another thing you need to do is arrange for the driver to pick riders up at a specific area and make sure your guests know where to wait ahead of time. This is particularly important if your guests are arriving at a major airport where there are multiple areas where people can wait to be picked up.

For instance, the Salt Lake City airport has two terminal pick up areas. It's important to work out which one the limo driver should be at and advise guests where to go. Otherwise, your guests may go to one area while the car is waiting at another. Since the airport doesn't allow vehicles to sit and wait, the driver may have to circle the airport several times, which may result in increased fees for you.

If you're not sure how the airport is laid out, you can typically find a site plan online. However, the limo company will also usually know this information as well and can advise you on the best place to have your guests wait.

Pack the Limo With Snacks

Flying is pretty hectic, so there's a good chance your guests may not have had time to eat and will arrive hungry and thirsty. You can make them more comfortable in this aspect by having the limo company place snacks (e.g. bags of pretzels, nuts, energy bars) and water in the car for guests to help themselves. This can tide your guests over until they get to your home or their final destination where they can finally eat.

If you're guests have never been to the city before, it's also a good idea to put together information about local restaurants and attractions. This way they'll know what's available in the area instead of having to depend on recommendations from Google, especially since they may have used up all the battery on their cell phones to keep themselves occupied during the flight.

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