5 Ways To Become James Bond For A Weekend

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Have you always secretly fantasized about being suave secret agent James Bond? Well, you probably don't want to kill anyone or actually become a spy, but that doesn't mean you can't emulate James Bond's style, charisma, and adventurous streak for a weekend when you feel like splurging. Here are five ways to become James Bond for a weekend:

Charter a Plane

By splurging on a chartered plane, you can enjoy the privacy and luxury of private air travel just like James Bond. No long lines at security or crowding into an packed plane just to make it to your tiny seat with no leg room. On a chartered flight, you can count on the ultimate level of comfort and customer service, including comfortable fully reclining seats and catered meals. To help cover the cost, get a group of friends together who also want to live like James Bond for the weekend.

For more information about chartering a plane, contact a company such as Keystone Air Service Ltd.

Rent a Tux

Of course, if you're going to live like James Bond for the weekend, you need to look the part. If you don't think you'll have much use for a tuxedo in the future, you can always rent one instead of buying it. One of the benefits of renting a tux is you can go all out with an on-trend, designer tuxedo that may not be practical to purchase but will look great for the weekend.

Make a James Bond Martini

No James Bond weekend is complete without a vesper martini made from both gin and vodka, shaken, not stirred. You can make them yourself pretty easily. Don't forget to offer one to your friends!

Rent an Aston Martin

James Bond has driven a lot of amazing cars over the years, but he always loyally returns to the classic style of Aston Martin. Call ahead to see if any car rental places in your area have luxury vehicles for rent. If there's no Aston Martin available, you can't go wrong with an Alfa Romeo or BMW, cars which are also Bond approved.

Hit Up the Casino

Finally, to wrap up your weekend of living like James Bond, you should spend some time in your tuxedo at a glitzy casino attempting to win back some of the money you've spent. Don't forget to brush up on your poker game beforehand.

You may not actually turn into James Bond after your adventurous weekend, but you will certainly add some of his style and excitement to your life.